Believing the impossible (or, what happens when you make the USA Today bestseller list)

Roses! Arriving at my door!

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” — The White Queen, Through the Looking Glass When I started writing Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection #1) on April 1, 2012, I thought the date was a pretty good joke, because I was definitely fooling myself — it…

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One wild, unexpected weekend and a Neighborly Affection update

We made Jay the spokesman? But no one will read the words. They'll be looking at his shaggy hair and his sexy abs.

Thanks, Jay. I’ll take it from here. Wow. You all shifted my world on Friday, and the aftershocks are rumbling through Monday, too. You propelled Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection #1)  to No. 13 in Amazon’s Kindle Store over the weekend. I couldn’t have imagined that in my wildest dreams.…

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3 times the writing life exceeded expectations

Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection #1) Coming to Books-A-Million in a paperback edition in November 2014!

You guys. Seriously, you guys. You know I find writing blog posts exponentially harder than writing novels, right? Because so often I’m trying to convey gratitude for unexpected blessings that floor me. (Literally floor me, like lying on my back on the living room carpet while the dog licks my…

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