Shown is the cover for Binding Their Hearts: Neighborly Affection Book 7 by USA Today bestselling author M.Q. Barber

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Binding Their Hearts

Neighborly Affection Book 7

NEW RELEASE: Henry, Alice, and Jay have confronted challenges and made it through before, together if not unscathed. But now Henry is wrestling with how to publicly demonstrate that his love is forever. Alice is struggling with the demands of a new job. Jay is rediscovering himself in therapy. Oh yeah — and in the midst of that pressure cooker of problems, they need to find a new place to live. Fast.

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Binding Their Hearts

Planning a wedding for three is the least of their problems.

Since nearly losing Jay, Henry is driven by an inescapable urge to collar his submissives. Jay’s certain to be all in, but Alice has fled from commitment before. Negotiating their needs is a treacherous tightrope. Can he sketch a path to forever?

As Alice’s career takes off, the new demands steal time from Henry and Jay. The stress is crushing when every decision hurts the ones she loves. She’ll have to rig a solution before she cracks under the strain and takes her lovers down with her.

After years of resisting, Jay is learning big lessons in therapy. Loosening his family’s stranglehold leaves him free to explore what — and who — he wants in his life. But with Alice at work all the time and a deadline looming for the trio to vacate their apartment, stability is hard to find.

Can Henry, Alice, and Jay hold themselves together when the world keeps pushing them apart?

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Shown is the cover for Binding Their Hearts: Neighborly Affection Book 7 by USA Today bestselling author M.Q. Barber

Binding Their Hearts

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Henry, Alice, and Jay are about to play a new game

Safeword ritual complete, Alice rested in waiting pose on the pillow at Henry’s feet. She nudged her knees wider. Maybe that would funnel his attention toward her nudity. He’d said nothing to her or Jay in minutes, just watched them with the heated stare he’d brought home tonight. Her clit tapped out the rhythm of her pulse, which quickened the longer he made them wait.

“Alice.” Deceptively soft, that liquid baritone. “On your feet.”

She tried to rise slowly, to match his calm instead of popping up like an overeager jack-in-the-box. He stretched out his hand and grazed her waist. Fingers splayed, he hummed as he glided down her flank and cupped the underside of her ass.

“Lovely.” He landed a teasing smack, not enough to count as a spanking. “Turn.”

She spun with care; her feet sank into the large purple pillow. Jay knelt on the matching one, his back straight, his cock hardening, and his gaze fixed on Henry.

The chair creaked, and air shifted against her back. She didn’t need to check to confirm Henry’s movement—Jay’s rising chin told her their lover had gotten up. The whispering shurr was new, though. A weight, not heavy, settled on her shoulder. A loose end of rope dangled just above her right nipple. Her shiver set it swaying; the rough tip dragged over her skin, and tight crinkles rose in its wake.

Henry clasped her biceps, and she started. Humming his amusement, he guided her arms behind her back. “A bit on edge, are we?”

“Maybe a little.” They both had lousy workdays to leave behind them. This was their time—time for all three of them to sink into deeper selves. For her to relax into the excitement coursing through her, because he’d been playing with that rope on himself for weeks and never touched her with a single knot. “Sir.”

His grip tightened. “Minx. We’ll see what we might do about that.” He laid her wrists against each other and placed her fingers around her forearms, now a horizontal line behind her back. “Comfortable or a strain?”

Jay shifted his gaze to her face. She set the example, walked first through the doors he ached to open. Any misstep on her part would affect him, too.

She pressed her shoulders forward and back. The grip stretched her muscles, but not painfully. She wriggled her fingers against her elbows. “Comfortable.”

“Excellent.” As Henry pulled on the rope, the coils shook loose and slithered down her body, the ends thumping gently against the pillow.

“Stay still for me, Alice. Jay, I have a task for you.”

Their stud puppy vibrated with eager attention, his toes flexing against the pillow under his ass.

“I’ll need a clean hand towel and a small bowl.” Not their usual playthings. Henry must’ve released Jay with a nod and a glance, because Jay powered to his feet in a rapid thrust and set off on his task.

Henry squared up her elbows and looped rope around her forearms, the fibers moving in long trails against her back. Her skin prickled with awareness. As Henry pressed his knuckles between her shoulder blades, the weight of her arms rested in some rope cradle he’d formed. He skimmed her upper arm with his other hand. “Cold?”

Shivering, unsteady breaths, goose-bumpy skin—sure, he might reasonably think she was cold. But his voice teased her nerves as much as the rope he started winding across her chest, outside her upper arms, above her breasts. “Not even close.”

Leaning into her, the heat of him an inferno against her back as he wrapped the rope a second time, he breathed a quiet laugh beside her ear. “Then you’ll quite enjoy this.” He called Jay’s name, his low command halting Jay in his tracks. “One more thing, please.”

Her brain caught up to her body’s warning of danger. Bound and vulnerable and—

“Fill the bowl with ice.”

Praise for the series


The ups and downs of a polyamorous triad… Barber frames a sexy, loving relationship that happens to be among three people.

– library journal


The fourth Neighborly affection book offers readers a fascinating glimpse into the real depth and complexities of a Dom/sub relationship, and the dangers that can arise when the heart becomes involved.

– RT Book Reviews


The Neighborly Affection series as a whole has opened my eyes and has made me view the BDSM lifestyle in a new and refreshing light.

– bookaholics not-so-anonymous


I love ménage stories, but Barber is beginning to ruin me for other authors. Her characters show such depth and her relationships are so complex and rewarding that I’m beginning to hold others to her standard.

– you gotta read reviews