Tuesdays with Jay and Other Stories (A Neighborly Affection Companion)

Tuesdays with Jay and Other Stories is meant to be read as a companion to the main novels in the Neighborly Affection series. It includes 42 stories that total 103,000 words (novel length). Jay narrates the vast majority of the stories, giving his perspective on the development of the relationship he, Henry, and Alice share in Playing the Game and Crossing the Lines.

No. 1: Rush Job

In “Rush Job,” set the week after Henry crafts a concert in the park for Alice during Chapter 5 of Playing the Game, Jay arrives early for lunch to take care of a not-so-little problem.

Tuesdays with Jay and Other Stories: A Neighborly Affection Companion by M.Q. Barber
Henry: “You are always mine.
Every hour of the day and night,
every place on Earth where
you plant your feet or rest your head,
you are mine.”

Jay hit Send and waited.

Nerves didn’t even cover it. If he fucked this up, it might not be fixable. And if it wasn’t fixable, Henry would never recover from it. And if Henry never recovered, he sure as hell wouldn’t, either.


Sure, somewhere close? Oscar’s? Meet you in 10?

He let out the breath he’d been holding and sent a Y in return. Lunch was on. Operation Get Henry’s Girl was a go. Now he just had to be charming, funny, and encouraging without mentioning the sex.

While he was practically sporting wood on the street corner thinking about Alice’s little hitching breaths and the moans she’d made Friday night. The way Henry had held her open for Jay’s cock to slip inside. Watching her body seal around him. That tight squeeze when she got close. Henry’s fingers zipping across Jay’s cock at lightning speed as he stimulated Alice’s clit.

Shit, was that woman across the street staring? He was so fucked.

Ten minutes. Oscar’s was a diner two blocks west. Pedal hard, don’t sit down, lock it up—yeah, that was doable. He made it with seven minutes to spare and breezed straight back to the restroom, single stall, locking, thank Christ. The last thing he needed was to be calling Henry for bail money and explaining how he’d gotten arrested for public masturbation and dragged out of Oscar’s in handcuffs past Alice.

Even if it turned out handcuffs were a turn-on for her, public humiliation wasn’t the way to introduce them. The only thing he wouldn’t have to explain to Henry was why the idea of lunch with Alice had gotten him so hard so fast.

He reached in and cupped his balls with one hand, shoving his shorts down with the other. This was gonna be quick and dirty. Rub one out, wash up, meet Alice at the table with the hope of making it through an entire meal without getting another boner.

He bit down hard on his tongue to stifle a groan. Henry liked him vocal. Liked to hear how much Jay enjoyed his attention. But loud would fuck him over here if anyone walked past the door.

Quick and quiet. Fast strokes. Staring at the mirror over the sink without seeing, his memory much more enticing. Alice held in Henry’s arms. Music in his ears and red flowers in front of his eyes. All over her dress. Covering her tits, which he still hadn’t seen, could only imagine, only lust for. To have her nipples stiffening in his mouth.

His mouth. The taste of her, that first night. She’d been drenched. Overflowing with sweetness and squirming in Henry’s lap, and he’d sworn to drain every last drop from her until Henry ordered him to stop. Fuck, yeah, he was so goddamn close now he heard her voice in his ears.


He gasped her name and spattered the sink and mirror with come. Breathed out, hard. The rush of relief hit him like a truck, and he leaned a hand on the sink, its ceramic chilly against his skin. Felt good. A wake-up call to lax muscles.

The paper towel dispenser was in easy reach of his other hand. How much time had he spent? He still needed to clean up and—

“Jay?” Tapping on the door.

Alice. Fuck. Maybe he hadheard her voice. Her real voice. Not in his head. Jesus. Had she heard him?

“I saw your bike out front. The guy behind the counter said a messenger rushed past him a few minutes ago. Are you okay?”

He cleared his throat and called out, “Yeah, I’m good.” Real good, now. He forced a laugh. “Just had a little emergency. You know how it is when you’re in a rush. If you grab a table, I’ll be out in a minute. Gotta wash my hands. Proper hygiene and all.”

Her answering laugh didn’t sound fake. Either she didn’t know what he’d been doing, or she covered as well as Henry. “Wash ’em good, then. I know you well enough to know you’ll be stealing food from my plate, and your hands had better be clean when you do.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The affection in her voice warmed him. She cared about him. He knew she did. Maybe her feelings weren’t love yet, but they would be. They had to be. Henry wanted to keep her forever. So Jay would work hard at his lessons. Learn to please her the way he’d learned to please Henry. And they’d be a family. “Order me the double cheeseburger platter? I’m starving.”

“You’re always starving. You eat like a sixteen-year-old linebacker.”

Yeah, every other Friday was game night, and he was on the starting line. At least until Henry decided otherwise. He swiped at the mirror with a handful of paper towels. Ran water in the sink.

“You want a milkshake, too? I’ll go halfsies with you. They bring the whole metal mixing cup to the table.”

“What, and swap spit with a girl?” He hand-washed his cock and balls, trying to eliminate the sex musk clinging to his skin. “I’d totally get cooties.”

“If you were gonna get cooties from me, I think you’d have gotten them at the dinner table the other night.” She giggled, and fuck all if the sound didn’t pulse through his cock. “Or on the picnic blanket.”

Oh Christ, let her fall in love soon. He couldn’t talk about the fucking. Couldn’t talk about the hopes he and Henry shared for her. No pushing allowed. She’d spook, Henry said, and he’d know. He always knew. Understood what people needed, and what they wanted, and what they needed but didn’t know they wanted.

“Milkshake, yeah. Two straws, though.” He hitched his shorts back up. Checked the mirror. All good. “I gotta protect my cootie-free existence.”

He unlocked the door, pulled it open, and palmed the light switch to off.

Alice leaned against the opposite wall. “Ready for lunch?”

“I am now.”

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