Minding Their Manners: Neighborly Affection Book 6 by M.Q. Barber

polyamorous family drama

Minding Their Manners

Neighborly Affection Book 6

Henry, Alice, and Jay are facing their toughest test yet—explaining their three-sided relationship to their families. As Alice explores more of her dominant side, Jay works to find his self-confidence as a submissive, and Henry hopes to hold them all together. The challenges are steep, but these three aren’t afraid of the climb.

Minding Their Manners

Facing their families is turning out to be the trio’s toughest test.

Life should be grand for Henry, Alice, and Jay. They’ve defeated the doubts that kept them apart and embraced a relationship that suits all three of them.

But the arrival of Alice’s sister threatens to upend their cozy routine. Skepticism and accusations erupt in a visit bristling with tension as the sisters tear open old wounds.

Even worse, Jay’s springing a new idea on his partners: it’s time to come out to his family. His decision might destroy them all—but Henry’s hunger for Jay’s public embrace makes it almost worth the risk.

Henry, Alice, and Jay must redefine who they are to each other and what they want for their future—together or apart. Can they trust in their love enough to survive the consequences?

committed poly triad | bdsm relationship | coming-out story

Minding Their Manners: Neighborly Affection Book 6 by M.Q. Barber

Minding Their Manners

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Henry, Alice, and Jay indulge in some teasing before breakfast

Tucking in her camisole Friday morning, Alice whistled in appreciation of the view. “Shake it, stud.”

“How’s this?” Jay, drying off after his shower, bent and waggled his ass toward her as he speedily swept the towel back and forth. His robe lay abandoned across the foot of the bed. “Tips welcome.”

“Oh, definitely turn a little to your left, then. You’re hiding—”

Fingers landed at her waist, deftly slipping fabric into her work slacks. “Allow me.”

“—the goods.” She dropped her hands and reached for the thighs behind her. Henry, fresh from the walk-in closet, had clothed his skin in lightweight summer linen. Soft, but not the same as the naked tangle of their legs this morning before necessity forced them all out of bed. Tipping her head back on Henry’s shoulder gave her an excellent vantage point for watching Jay wriggle into biking shorts. At least he’d obeyed her request to turn around. “Nice work, loverboy.”

“I do hope”—Henry delivered a kiss behind her ear, his breath heated and his teeth a faint scrape against her skin—“that sobriquet wasn’t for me.”

“No.” She shook out the shiver he’d raised to the surface. Nothing boyish about Henry. Too young to call him a silver fox, though. Few nicknames carried the seriousness—the gravitas—he deserved. She angled her neck in the hopes of enticing more attention. “Though you do nice work, too.”

“Only nice?” He clicked his tongue as he draped her top layer over her shoulders. “How far the mighty have fallen. We shall endeavor to reach loftier heights tomorrow night.”

There went that damn shiver again. “Down to thirty-six hours.”

“Lovely of you to keep the count, my sweet girl. Such good practice.”

A mini-implosion pulled her awareness down to a tiny patch of real estate between her legs thumping with heat. Counting meant impact play. Spanking. Flogging. The incomprehensible paradox of complete muscle relaxation and simultaneous sexual tension flowing through every last inch of her body.

“I see that meets with your approval.” His light tease plucked her free of the slippery slope into daydreaming.

“Yes, sir.” A whisper, hardly enunciated, but so satisfying when his inhale came quick and short.

“Minx. No time for that now.” He pinched her chin in his fingers and unleashed a harsh, demanding kiss on her mouth, leaving her lips tingling. “Thirty-six hours. Now go and fetch our guest for breakfast.”

“Going. I’m going.” Once her legs worked again. She crooked a finger at Jay, who’d gotten half-dressed before he stopped to watch them.

Short-sleeve tee in his hands, he trotted over. Dark, eager pupils nearly erased the warm brown depths of his eyes.

“Better tip.” She kissed his cheeks and palmed the firm wall of his abs, adding a hint of nails when he chased the pressure of her touch. “Let Henry help you with your top. He did wonders for mine.”

Praise for the series


The ups and downs of a polyamorous triad… Barber frames a sexy, loving relationship that happens to be among three people.

– library journal


The fourth Neighborly affection book offers readers a fascinating glimpse into the real depth and complexities of a Dom/sub relationship, and the dangers that can arise when the heart becomes involved.

– RT Book Reviews


The Neighborly Affection series as a whole has opened my eyes and has made me view the BDSM lifestyle in a new and refreshing light.

– bookaholics not-so-anonymous


I love ménage stories, but Barber is beginning to ruin me for other authors. Her characters show such depth and her relationships are so complex and rewarding that I’m beginning to hold others to her standard.

– you gotta read reviews