The future of the Neighborly Affection universe

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Chatter, Neighborly Affection series

Are you curious about the future of the Neighborly Affection universe? Wondering what’s coming next for Henry, Alice, and Jay? Wanting to know who else might get a turn in the spotlight with their own book?

You’re in luck! I got chatty with Beth over at The Cool Table to celebrate the release of Binding Their Hearts: Neighborly Affection Book 7. We took a look back at the series so far, including where it came from and how we got where we are now, and a look ahead at my hopes for the wider Neighborly Affection universe. (You can even help steer the direction if there’s a favorite character you want to see more of!)

Go read the interview now if you haven’t yet.

A paperback copy of Binding Their Hearts: Neighborly Affection Book 7 by author M.Q. Barber rests on a wood table. A quote from a review reads: "This one may be the MOST comfy of all the comfiness of my favorite comfort series. I finished it, and immediately went back for more."

The future of the Neighborly Affection universe holds more stories for Henry, Alice, and Jay as well as for some of their friends and family members. The best way to stay in the know is to join the newsletter.

Where do I start?

If you haven’t read anything in the Neighborly Affection universe yet, you’ll probably want to start with Playing the Game: Neighborly Affection Book 1. That’s the beginning of Alice’s relationship with Henry and Jay, which set the universe in motion.

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The future of the Neighborly Affection universe

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