3 times the writing life exceeded expectations

Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection #1) Coming to Books-A-Million in a paperback edition in November 2014!

You guys. Seriously, you guys. You know I find writing blog posts exponentially harder than writing novels, right? Because so often I’m trying to convey gratitude for unexpected blessings that floor me. (Literally floor me, like lying on my back on the living room carpet while the dog licks my…

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Inside the author’s head: Unruly characters, word addiction, and the writing process

Welcome to this journey into the world of M.Q. Barber! By reading this sentence, you have signed a binding agreement not to sue for damages caused by exploring the Lovecraftian horrors of an author’s mental landscape.* *Just kidding. Obviously, by the time you exit, you’ll be so insane that you…

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