New book: Her Shirtless Gentleman complete

I’m incredibly nervous and excited about this book — Her Shirtless Gentleman is my first non-Neighborly Affection novel.

I’ve finished my part of the job and turned the completed book over to the copy editor today. The copy editor will ferret out any problems I might have gone blind to while poring over the same text again and again. (Trust me, it happens, no matter how careful a writer you are. An eagle-eyed copy editor is priceless.)

Her Shirtless Gentleman by M.Q. Barber

Her Shirtless Gentleman got the print treatment for its final going-over — I wrenched my back and couldn’t sit at the computer for a few days, so everything was finished by hand and added to the computer file afterward.

Her Shirtless Gentleman will be released by Lyrical Press / Kensington Books on August 4, 2015. It’s a m/f contemporary erotic romance starring Rob, a 36-year-old bachelor who feels the years slipping by too quickly, and Nora, a 31-year-old woman recovering from a nasty divorce. (It’s also up for pre-order in a few spots already, if you like to plan in advance: Amazon | Books-A-Million | Kobo.)

Quick updates on other topics:

Goodreads giveaway: The giveaway for Becoming His Master (Neighborly Affection #4), aka the Henry and Jay origin story, ends on January 31. If you’re a Goodreads member and you want a chance to win a copy, click here for the entry page.

Playing the Game sale: Henry, Alice, and Jay’s first adventure is on sale for 99 cents through January 31 at all of the major ebook retailers. If you know anyone who needs a copy, please point them in the right direction — Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iTunes | Kobo.

Crossing the Lines in paperback: The second book in the Neighborly Affection series joined the first on shelves in Books-A-Million stores across the U.S. this month. If you don’t have a BAM near you but you still want a paperback copy, they can be ordered online here.

Okay, that’s it for me; I’m heading back into the writing cave to finish the manuscript for Henry, Alice, and Jay’s next novel. 🙂

M.Q. Barber

M.Q. Barber is the USA Today bestselling author of the Neighborly Affection contemporary romance series. She's also an inveterate, unrepentant scribbler of ideas on whatever's handy.

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