Behind the scenes: On creating the right writing space

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Note: This is the second of six posts going behind the scenes of my writing process — what inspires me, the way I work, and how I recharge. For links to the rest of the posts, scroll down.

Wanna know a secret?

Computers are wonderful things, but I can’t write on them.

Nope, not even on a typewriter. I’m an old-school pen-and-paper gal when it comes to bursts of creativity.

Organization is a real treat.

Here’s how my writing space looks late in the process, when most of the handwritten notes have been entered into the computer and the editing is underway.

Computers are marvelous tools for editing and research, but nothing beats the satisfaction of hearing words come together in my head and feeling them take shape as I move my pen across the page.

So my writing space is littered with thoughts jotted on notepads and journals small enough to fit in a pocket. The words pour out in waterfalls to soak the pages. Eventually, the pages pool together into a layered sea of story.

Itty-bitty bursts of creativity all gathered in a pile.

Here’s the endless pile of handwritten notes for a couple of dozen books floating around in my head. Someday, I might even have time to finish writing them all.

But if ever I try to start on a computer screen? Nope. It just causes a short. Faulty wiring, I guess. 😉

What’s your favorite way of capturing your thoughts?

Going behind the scenes

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