Title match: Henry has one chance to be the Ultimate Hero

Kensington Ultimate Hero competition: Henry Webb, title matchThis is the end of the line for the Kensington Ultimate Hero battle. Henry will need a vote from every one of his supporters to conquer this challenge.

Key facts for the title match:

  • Please vote for Henry between noon on Wednesday, March 11, and noon on Thursday, March 12, Eastern U.S. time.
  • You only need to cast one vote. Multiple voting has been turned off for the title match, so you aren’t committing to click all day long. Please follow one of the links below once and cast your vote for Henry.

You can reach the voting booth in three ways:

  • Click here to vote on the Kensington website.
  • Click here to vote on the Hero vs. Hero Tumblr.
  • Click here to vote directly on the polling site.

If Henry defeats his opponent and becomes the Ultimate Hero, newsletter subscribers will receive a short story set far in the future of the Neighborly Affection series. Will Henry, Alice, and Jay still be enjoying their special nights? Will they be overwhelmed by parenting duties? Will they have succumbed to the seven-year itch and gone their separate ways?

(Breathe easy; we all know that last one would never happen.)

If you aren’t a newsletter subscriber yet, you can get all the facts and sign up on the newsletter page.

M.Q. Barber

M.Q. Barber is the USA Today bestselling author of the Neighborly Affection contemporary romance series. She's also an inveterate, unrepentant scribbler of ideas on whatever's handy.


  1. I voted and keeping my fingers crossed for Henry!! πŸ™‚

  2. I managed to get 7 votes in so I think I deserve to be put out of misery. Did Henry win? πŸ˜€

    • Wow! I couldn’t even manage to get the poll to understand that my husband and I are different people voting from the same home network, LOL. Kensington’s going to announce the results at noon Friday.

  3. Did he win? I can’t find the results and I need to know!!

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