Nothing quite like finishing a full edit ahead of deadline. Readers might get their hands on Neighborly Affection sooner than expected. No worries, I’ll keep you all posted.


M.Q. Barber

M.Q. Barber is the USA Today bestselling author of the Neighborly Affection contemporary romance series. She's also an inveterate, unrepentant scribbler of ideas on whatever's handy.


  1. Thought I’d check in and see how things were going – sounds like you’re well on your way. I can’t wait to read the finished product!

    I also can’t wait to read some of those side projects you blogged about. It should be fascinating and fun, getting into the guys’ heads.

    Best wishes!

    • Thanks, Dana! The characters have taken over, and I just go where they tell me. Your novella’s on my list of summer reads; you must be on pins and needles now that it’s so close to coming out.

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