Sometimes I feel like a Nut

I’m celebrating Mother’s Day in proper form, by going crazy. The wonderful Cd Brennan graciously invited me to participate in her Sundae with Nuts series. If you’ve ever (or never) wanted to know important facts like how I like my ice cream in my favorite knickers — Wait, was that…

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Spreading sunshine

Fittingly enough, I’m writing and posting this on a day with plenty of sunshine at my house. I hope your day is equally bright. The lovely Kylie Wolfe, fellow author and introvert, gifted me with a Sunshine Award. The idea is for bloggers to present the sun-loving flowers to other…

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First-draft euphoria

I’ve been writing like a madwoman on my current work in progress, and today it finally paid off: The first draft is complete.

I’m giddy saying the words, like a kid buzzed on her first bottle of beer. The post-drafting euphoria has set in. It’s a short high.

Soon the second-draft horror will arrive. The moment when every line in the first draft is clearly some sort of trash masquerading as my hard work. That’s the only reasonable explanation for why my second-draft self will find it so terrible.

But that day isn’t today. Today, I’m high on first-draft euphoria. It feels damn good.


In the zone

Some days, you just wake up ready to write, with the characters’ voices echoing in your ears.Those are the best days.

Today’s tally: 3,000 words or thereabouts, three scenes, two WIPs. (And two kinds of cupcakes, a food that is entirely necessary and essential to the writing process. Because I said so.)


Go forth and write

Just over 1,300 words today on the work in progress — about average for me, though there have been crazy days when the characters won’t stop chattering and the day’s writing output has tripled. (So, too, are there days when more thinking than writing occurs.)

But today is one of those fun, meaningless milestones that serve to mark progress: crossing 100,000 words on the WIP. It’s a big number — one that might cause panic if the current WIP wasn’t actually two books.

I like to tackle my projects like filming The Lord of the Rings, back-to-back and all together. Scout scenes in advance. Get one character’s takes wrapped up at a time. Hitting 100,000 words on this project probably puts me at Helm’s Deep, watching Saruman’s army massing at my feet as the rain starts to fall.

Yup. Deep in the slog, with a long battle ahead but a longer road behind. Forth, Eorlingas!