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by | Jan 10, 2022 | Neighborly Affection series

If digital isn’t your thing, you can now hold Minding Their Manners: Neighborly Affection Book 6 print editions in your hands. Paperback and hardcover are both available.

Want a smaller, chonkier softcover book? Grab the 700+ page 5×8 paperback from Amazon.

Want a bigger, stiffer book? Grab the 500+ page 6×9 hardcover from Amazon.

The entire Neighborly Affection series is now offered on Amazon in paperback and hardcover for your collection.

The Neighborly Affection series is shown in hardcover editions. Book 1, Playing the Game, is facing front and tipped backward to lean against the other books in the series, which lie flat with the titles on their spines visible. Minding Their Manners is missing because it hasn't arrived yet.
Minding Their Manners print versions are available too, I promise. My copy just hasn’t arrived yet. Maybe the mail carrier is reading it now.
The collected Neighborly Affection series in hardcover editions. Six books stand on a purple towel dropcloth in front of a blurred background.
This is what happens when you’ve already gone to allll the trouble of gathering the books from the shelf and finding a nice dropcloth—you end up taking about 30 photos. (Yes, that’s a purple bath towel underneath the books. Five stars, would recommend.)

Haven’t heard about Minding Their Manners yet? Here’s the skinny on Book 6 in the Neighborly Affection series:

Minding Their Manners: Neighborly Affection Book 6 by M.Q. Barber

Facing their families is turning out to be the trio’s toughest test.

Life should be grand for Henry, Alice, and Jay. They’ve defeated the doubts that kept them apart and embraced a relationship that suits all three of them.

But the arrival of Alice’s sister threatens to upend their cozy routine. Skepticism and accusations erupt in a visit bristling with tension as the sisters tear open old wounds.

Even worse, Jay’s springing a new idea on his partners: it’s time to come out to his family. His decision might destroy them all—but Henry’s hunger for Jay’s public embrace makes it almost worth the risk.

Henry, Alice, and Jay must redefine who they are to each other and what they want for their future—together or apart. Can they trust in their love enough to survive the consequences?

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