Neighborly Affection hardcovers are coming

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Neighborly Affection series, Publishing

I’ve been working behind the scenes for a couple of months to get Neighborly Affection hardcovers in the pipeline, and they’re finally starting to roll out!

Playing the Game: Neighborly Affection Book 1 is available in hardcover now, and the rest of the books in the series will follow. I can’t wait to hold them! That’s my author proof copy of Playing the Game below; dog for scale. The real thing won’t have the gray “Not for Resale” warning on it. (Scroll down for an outtake from the photo shoot.)

Neighborly Affection hardcovers are available, but the dog is for scale, not sale.
Playing the Game: Neighborly Affection Book 1 is now available in hardcover. Dog for scale.

About the Neighborly Affection hardcovers

The hardcovers are 6×9 inches, just a bit larger than the 5×8 paperbacks that are already available. Both the paperbacks and the hardcovers use Amazon’s print on demand service. The paperbacks will still be available; the hardcovers are an additional option for readers who prefer a hardbound book.

I’m tweaking in bits and bobs to get the Neighborly Affection series released in the new format and size, so the hardcovers will be rolling out slowly over the next few months—that’s so I can keep writing Minding Their Manners: Neighborly Affection Book 6 as my top focus.

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Gratuitous photo shoot outtake

The thing about working with dogs and children is that they don’t always pay attention. The puppers discovered pretty quickly that pushing the hardcover over with her nose was a fun game. Here she’s trying to decide if a book is a mouth toy. (Spoiler: It’s not.)

The puppers decides that Neighborly Affection hardcovers are not chew toys.
The puppers checks the chewability of Playing the Game: Neighborly Affection Book 1 in hardcover. The verdict? Not as tasty as a treat, but fun to knock over.

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