Giveaway: An Accidental Gentleman (standalone HEA)

by | Jun 5, 2016 | Gentleman series

It’s finally time to start talking about Brian and Kit! *happy dance* Guess what? You can win an early copy of An Accidental Gentleman  in a Goodreads giveaway!

Brian and Kit’s book is the second in the Gentleman series, but you can read it without knowing Rob and Nora’s story from Her Shirtless Gentleman. (And if you’ve read about Rob and Nora and miss them, take heart — they do make an appearance to help Brian out.)

Here’s the rundown of what the book’s about. Keep going and you’ll get to a sneak peek. 😉

★★ Kit Runyon can repair electronics all day, but only Brian Hendricks can repair her heart. ★★

An Accidental Gentleman (Gentleman series, book two) by M.Q. BarberKit Runyon isn’t looking for a man to keep — she’s happy with the occasional one-night stand and no strings. Making sure her family’s electronics repair shop is profitable enough to support three generations is her main focus. But when Brian Hendricks walks into her life, one look, one word, and she knows he’s not wired like any man she’s ever met before.

Brian’s attracted to Kit’s strength and no-nonsense attitude, but he’s tired of the one-and-done dating scene. He’s ready to settle down with the right woman, even if that means he’ll have to play things slow and stay out of her bed to show her there’s more to love than just mind-blowing sex. But at this rate he’s liable to short all the circuits…

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An Accidental Gentleman will be available for everyone Aug. 16. It’s up for preorder now at the usual suspects:


An Accidental Gentleman by M.Q. BarberBut in case you just can’t wait for a taste (Kit’s not a patient gal herself), here’s a sneak peek. In this scene, they’re having a meal together with a side of argument. We start with Kit talking:

“That’s what you think, right? Some guy broke me and you can fix me. Because you’re a nice guy. Mr. Fix-it.”

“I don’t—” want to fix you. He wanted to understand her. But maybe, kind of, yeah, to fix her. To ride in all white-knight and be the hero like Sherwood instead of the Michigan Surfer Boy. Shit. No wonder he’d avoided relationship complications before. “I want to get to know you. Why you are the way you are. Is that so bad?”

“Why I am—” Her laugh echoed to the metal crossbeams in the ceiling. “Jesus. A woman can’t enjoy sex just because she does?”

“No, you can, I want you to.” Nope, making things worse. “I, not that I’m giving you permission, or—fuck.” Taking a deep breath, he reached for the calm center of the shooting range. The peaceful pause before the punch in the boxing ring. “You’re angry about sex, or dating, and I want to understand what makes you so defensive. Secretive.”

With a quiet snort, she tipped backward and lay with her knees up and her arms folded across her stomach. “Yeah, because the reaction from society is so fucking positive. A woman who likes sex is still a slut.” She snipped the “T” in a hard bite. “Even people who don’t say it are thinking it.” She stared at the ceiling. “You are.”

I can’t wait for you to meet Brian and Kit in August! For a longer excerpt, visit the book page.

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