Nightmare, Day One

I crossed off the most nerve-wracking item on my to-do list today: submitting my second book to my publisher. Now comes the waiting and hoping it will be well-received. I’d better trim my fingernails before they end up well-chewed.

Self-aggrandizing ego boosts

I have to admit, I let out a squee when I saw my name here on the Lyrical Press blog for November contracts.

“We reviewed 10 cold subs, resulting in 2 revise and resubmit letters, and 1 contract. … Neighborly Affection by MQ Barber, a BDSM/ménage, to editor Penny Barber.”

Technically, the contract made it official, but now it feels official-official. (You can tell I’m a writer by how well I use words, right?)

But I’m so excited that you’ll all get to meet Alice, Henry, and Jay next fall when Neighborly Affection is released.


Giving thanks

Aside from being able to enjoy Thanksgiving with my extended family, what I’m most thankful for this year is 1) writing a novel from start to finish and 2) successfully placing said novel with a publisher. Alice and her boys have been fortunate enough to find a home on the first try — a delightful surprise, and definitely one worth giving thanks for. I hope everyone is having an equally wonderful Thanksgiving!