Heart palpitations (aka Playing the Game news)

Neighborly Affection: Playing the Game by M.Q. BarberThey exist. I’ve seen them.

Today, my publisher delivered the finalized ebook files for Neighborly Affection: Playing the Game, and my heart thundered so hard I think passing out was a distinct possibility. Yes, it’s that exciting for a first-timer.

Once I’d calmed down enough to read beyond the first sentence of the email, I got my second shock of the day. (Publishing is a dangerous business and, much like riding roller coasters and shoveling snow, should not be undertaken by those with heart conditions.) Playing the Game is moving from the September release list to a fireworks-worthy July 1, 2013, release date.

I think we can all agree that the most important thing here, aside from readers getting to meet Henry, Alice, and Jay much sooner, is that I’ll have less time to panic and wail and gnash my teeth waiting for the day to arrive. It’s a great relief to everyone around me.

68 days. I can’t go crazy in 68 days, can I?

M.Q. Barber

M.Q. Barber is the USA Today bestselling author of the Neighborly Affection contemporary romance series. She's also an inveterate, unrepentant scribbler of ideas on whatever's handy.

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