My deepest thanks to all of the readers who post reviews. Knowing someone new has connected with my characters and enjoyed spending time with them always makes my day. Here’s a sampling of what other authors and readers are saying on AmazonGoodreads, and elsewhere:

Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection #1)

Neighborly Affection: Playing the Game by M.Q. Barber“Ms. Barber delves into the culture of Dominance and submission with compelling grace, introducing us to Alice, Henry, and Jay and all of their delightful emotional and sexual complexities.”

Sophia Jones, author of The Phantom and the Psychic and The Pharaoh and the Curator

“It’s steamy and sexy enough, and doesn’t hold back on the BDSM angle, but this erotic romance has so much more to offer than titillation or fantasy.”

D.B. Sieders, author of Red Shoes for Lab Blues

“If you have never read a Dom/sub story before, please let Playing the Game be your initiate. Miss M.Q. conveys the dynamics, the passion, the trust and intensity with such honesty and warmth that it will hold your heart.”

Cd Brennan, author of Watershed (Love Where You Roam #1)

“I will read this one again. The sex scenes were off the charts hot. The characters were amazing. Henry melted me.”

— Jessi Gage, author of Wishing for a Highlander and Road Rage

“Chapter after chapter, I was captivated by the very real process of a woman that discovers her submissive self and how a man tamed her, day after day, week after week, month after month. … I related with the heroine completely.”

— Mary, Mary’s Menage Whispers

“The characters were deep and so likable, even in their flaws. The connections they made were felt before the heat even began and the BDSM was not for “shock” value and was not your typical BDSM.  It made the story fresh and different.”

— Delphina, Delphina Reads Too Much

“The writing is quick, smart and witty. The character development, especially of the heroine, and plot progression work well with this trio.”

– Shelly, Red Hot Books

“The writer had a way to bring you in and make you feel soulful about what they were sharing. I felt like I was made to consider each decision they made about what they needed and why they needed it. This wasn’t just a wham-bam book, it was a story of Alice’s emotions surrounding this couple she had grown to care for.”

— Mistress L, S&M’s Book Obsessions

“This novel is filled with not only steamy scenes, but deep psychological and emotional undertones. The characters are well defined, intriguing and independent.”

— 5-star reader review

“If all men were as attentive to the needs of a woman as Henry and Jay, we’d have more happy women.”

— 5-star reader review

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