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Bypassed that one, too, eh? Okay. I see you’re a canny sort. You want a little taste before you hand over the goods. I can respect that.

Here’s a rundown of the exclusive stories newsletter subscribers have gotten to read already:

What Henry Wants for Christmas: In a quiet moment set during Chapter 11 of Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection #1), Henry reflects on his wishes for his lovers and their future.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 1: Rush Job: The Tuesdays with Jay series chronicles the Tuesday lunches Jay and Alice share every week during Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection #1). Every story is told from Jay’s perspective. In the first episode, Jay arrives early for lunch to take care of a not-so-little problem.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 2: Job Security: Jay considers his obligations to Henry and Alice and comes to the right conclusions, with a bit of guidance.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 3: Security Blanket: Jay gets a lesson in what Alice does all day at work and realizes why Henry’s so certain about her.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 4: Blanket Promise: Jay gives Alice a ride back to work on his bike and arrives home to a sexy surprise.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 5: Promise Kept: Jay wonders about the state of Alice’s undergarments and shares a story from his childhood.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 6: Kept Man: Enjoying a morning with Henry, Jay tries to rush his master’s plans for their lovely neighbor and discovers a power all his own.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 7: Man Down: A slip of the tongue spurs Jay to consider the importance of his role with Alice and Henry’s plans for them both.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 8: Down Boy: Henry and Jay prepare for a special night with Alice, and Jay worries about his ability to perform.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 9: Boy Wonder: Alice and Jay discuss the super-sexy topics of leaf piles and winterizing homes while carefully not talking about things like spending the night.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 10: Wonder Woman: Jay isn’t sure what Alice has on her mind, but he knows the cure — a heart-to-heart talk with Henry about Alice’s role in the relationship.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 11: Woman Trouble: When Alice hits a stumbling block, Jay spends a Friday night away from his lovers–but Henry has something special to keep him occupied.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 12: Trouble Ahead:  Henry has special plans for Alice’s next visit, but Jay has to contend with an attack of nerves.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 13: Ahead of the Game:  A special night for Alice raises memories for Jay, but success has him feeling confident about the future.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 14: Game On:  As Alice’s birthday approaches, Jay is eager to give her Henry’s gifts.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 15: On Top:  Alice thought Friday night was the extent of her birthday gifts, but Henry and Jay have a Tuesday surprise for her — and Jay has a special request for Henry.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 16: Top Notch: Jay’s having a rough day, but Alice makes it better.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 17: Notch Joint: Jay has a brilliant idea, comes to a happy realization, and shows off a trick.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 18: Joint Pain: Jay gets a welcome massage after a long day and wrestles with his impulsiveness.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 19: Pain Relief: Jay spends Christmas at home, but it’s not as enjoyable as he remembers.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 20: Relief Map: Missing his lovers, Jay celebrates the arrival of the new year and reaffirms his bond with Henry.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 21: Map Reading: A hopeful Jay realizes just how far Alice has come since their unconventional triad formed nearly six months ago.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 22: Reading Challenge: Jay works through his fears with Henry’s help as the men prepare for their next evening with Alice.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 23: Challenge Accepted: As a post-accident Jay pleads to be allowed out for lunch with Alice, Henry reveals his concerns about a possible misstep in their relationship with Alice.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 24: Accepted Hazards: Jay and Alice have a conversation about snow that isn’t about snow at all.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 25: Hazards No More: Jay struggles with his insecurities as he waits for Alice to arrive for their weekly lunch.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 26: More, More: The day before a big snowstorm hits, Henry and Jay deal with a blizzard of emotions.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 27: More to Love: Jay and Alice share a cozy lunch after their snowbound vacation from reality.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 28: Love, Mastered: Jay struggles with the gap between what he wants to give Henry for his birthday and what he’s able to give.

Tuesdays with Jay No. 29: Mastered Submissive: At Henry’s request, Jay has a heart-to-heart talk with a close friend about what it means to be a submissive.

Tuesdays with Jay Far-future Edition: We catch up with Henry, Alice, and Jay seven years after they embarked on their three-sided relationship. They’ve made adjustments along the way, but some things never change.

Tuesdays with Jay general teaser image of Jay biking

Ready to sign up now? Great! Enter your email address in the box and click “subscribe,” then check your email and confirm your subscription from the link in the welcome message.

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