Change is terrifying until it’s not

When monsters run amok, stand your ground. They shall not pass. Plus, you get to throw them down and smote their ruin upon the mountainside. When else do you get to make with the smiting?

When monsters run amok, stand your ground. They shall not pass. Plus, afterward you get to say you threw them down and smote their ruin upon the mountainside. When else do you get to make with the smiting?

Change enters our lives like monsters running amok. It’s easy to be flummoxed. Regaining our equilibrium can take time, patience, and fancy footwork. Or sometimes, just the will to shout stop.

Adjusting to life-altering change looks different for everyone. For the last few weeks, I’ve been taking a page out of Jay’s playbook — a little panic, a little denial, and a lot of covering with humor. Mostly, though, I’ve been hoping someone more rational would come along and tell me what to do, because I didn’t have a clue.

And like Alice, I hate operating without a clue. Give me a straightforward plan any day.

So today I put on my Henry hat. The chaotic juggling and plate-spinning would have to stop, because Jay needs structure in his life and Alice needs goals in hers, and Henry won’t stand for disruption in their happiness.

This is how I ended up making a color-coded schedule at two in the morning and planning a two-week experiment. In the first week, I’ll run Schedule A. In the second week, I’ll run Schedule B. In both weeks, I’ll keep track of my writing output. At the end of the two weeks, I’ll make a decision about which schedule is more productive.

Partly, I’m doing this because I want to keep bringing you new stories about Henry, Alice, and Jay and a host of other characters crowding my head. But mostly I’m doing it because you can only submit to outside forces in your life for so long before it’s time to take the control back. ;-)

Introducing: Jade’s Spirit by Jessi Gage

We’re doing something a little different today. This one’s for all the ladies who’d rather have a blue-collar man than a billionaire. (There’s something super-hot about a man who works with his hands no matter how much he makes, am I right?)

Indie author Jessi Gage has a new book coming out in August. Jade’s Spirit is the second book in her Blue Collar Boyfriends series (contemporary romance with paranormal panache), and the plot features something rarely spotted in the wild: an inexperienced male lead.

(Tip: The first Blue Collar Boyfriends book, Reckless, is in the Passionate Kisses boxed set. You don’t have to read it to understand Jade’s Spirit, but the boxed set includes ten books at a great price.)

I’ll turn things over to Jade’s Spirit now:


Jade’s Spirit, by Jessi Gage, coming Aug. 1

When exotic dancer Jade seeks refuge from an abusive boyfriend in her grandmother’s aging Victorian home, she finds she’s not the only houseguest. A dream-invading incubus has taken up residence, and it wants Jade’s soul. Fortunately, a flirtatious lawn-care provider has a trick or two up his sleeve for dealing with hauntings. And he has definite rebound-guy potential—if only he would stop inviting her to church.

The virginity vow Emmett “the lawn guy” Herald took when he was seventeen has become legendary in Dover, Vermont. Ten years later, everyone is waiting to see if he’ll blow a decade of “waiting for marriage” now that he’s dating the new girl from the big city. Even Emmett thinks he has met his match in the vivacious Boston beauty. In fact, he’s starting to think virginity may be overrated.

A spark of attraction ignites between Jade and Emmett, and quickly grows into a roaring inferno. But with a demon fanning the flames, attraction has never been so perilous.

Look for Jade’s Spirit on Aug. 1 and add it on Goodreads now.

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Tuesdays with Jay No. 3: Security Blanket

It’s that time of the month again.

No, no, not that time. It’s the time when we jab MQ with sharp sticks until she drags her head out of the manuscript in progress and remembers the real world exists. (Mainly so she doesn’t forget to send out the newsletter.)

Extreme mountain bike sport athlete man riding outdoors lifestyl

This month’s Tuesdays with Jay is all about riding a bike. Well, building a better bike. Or building a better relationship. For Henry, Jay, and Alice, it’s kind of all the same.

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Okay, we’re gonna turn MQ loose now. She keeps mumbling about Henry and breakfast while reaching for the keyboard, and at that point it’s generally just safer to stand clear.